About Concord & Harmony

Alan and Ellen Ives, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, have been in the music ministry since 1971. Both of them came to know the Lord through the ministries of Wyldewood Baptist Church. When Alan trusted Christ, he was playing in a rock & roll band. He soon felt the Lord leading him away from that life, and surrendered his talents to use for the Lord's glory.  As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with a degree in music education, his talents include not only voice, but also multiple instruments.   Between Alan and Ellen, more than 30 instruments are utilized in their ministry--- harp, trumpet, bells, recorders, clarinet, and guitar, to name a few.  The Ives have traveled across the country in evangelism for over 30 years ministering in the area of music. Alan also preaches and teaches on a biblical perspective of music in the church, and against the use of rock and pop music in the Christian life. Ellen, as well as their five children, also traveled on the road for the first 18 years. Ellen continues to travel with him, while their children serve the Lord in their local churches in 4 different states. With multiple recordings and compositions available, Alan and Ellen have made it their life’s work to provide conservative sacred music to believers, and to point others toward their wonderful Saviour.